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Journal Papers

[ J26 ]

Hansol Lim, and Jongseong Choi* (2024), Parametric Assessment in 3D Gaussian Splatting for Model Performance, Computers in Industry. (under review)

[ J25 ]

Jonathan Boyack, Jongseong Choi* (2024), Jongryeol Jeong, Hyungchai Park, and Sewhan Kim (2024), LogPath: Log Data Based Energy Consumption Model Analysis to Enable Path Optimization of an Electric Vehicle, Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment. (under review)

[ J24 ]

Jonathan Boyack, Jongseong Choi*, Sambridha Bhattarai, Alfredo Valenzuela, Hansol Lim, Sangho Song, and Hwasup Jang (2024), Digital Twin for Region of Interest Inspection of a Ship Engine Generated using Photogrammetry for Reliability and Education, Computers in Industry. (under review)

[ J23 ]

Ricardo Ortiz, Jongseong Choi*, Alfredo Valenzuela (2024), Unmanned guided vehicle (UGV) through Real Time Kinematics and Mapping API localization, Robotics and Autonomous Systems. (under review)

[ J22 ]

Jonathan Boyack and Jongseong Choi* (2024), Photogrammetry Engaged Automated Image Labeling Approach, ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing. (under review)

[ J21 ]

Francisco Yumbla*, Marcelo Fajardo, Anthony Piguave, Diego Ronquillo, Ricardo Ortiz, Jongseong Choi, Gabriel Diaz, and Xicu Garcia (2024), An Open-Source Multi-Robot Framework System for Collaborative Environments based on ROS2, IEEE Access. (accepted)

[ J20 ]

Ricardo Ortiz, Jongseong Choi*, Alfredo Valenzuela, Francisco Yumbla, Taewook Kang, Okhue Cho, Jong-Eun Park, and Chul Min Yeum (2024), Autonomous Manipulation of Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) with a User-Guided-Path on a Map: Quantitative Simulation and Analysis, Mathematics. (accepted)

[ J19 ]

Lissette Iturburu, Xiaoyu Liu, Xin Zhang, Benjamin E. Wogen, Juan Nicolas Villamizar, Shirley J. Dyke, Julio Ramirez, Jongseong Choi*, and Gianella Valencia, Sergio M. Alcocer (2024), Building Pose Detection for the Characterization of Reinforced Concrete Buildings, The Structural Design of Tall and Special Buildings. (accepted)

[ J18 ]

Benjamin E. Wogen, Jongseong Choi*, Xin Zhang, Xiaoyu Liu, Lissette Iturburu, and Shirly J. Dyke (2024), Automated Bridge Inspection Image Retrieval Based on Deep Similarity Learning and GPS. Journal of Structural Engineering, 150(3), 04023238.

[ J17 ]

Ok-Hue Cho and Jongseong Choi* (2024), “A Comparative Analysis of IoT based Network Anomaly Detection and Prediction Using Vector Autoregressive Models”, Journal of Machine and Computing, 127-137, doi: 10.53759/7669/jmc202404013.

[ J16 ]

Alfredo Valenzuela, Jongseong Choi*, Ricardo Ortiz, Byungkon Kang, Michael Kim, and Taewook Kang (2023), Development of Mobile App to Enable Local Update on Mapping API: Construction Sites Monitoring Through Digital Twin, Electronics, 12(23), 4738.

[ J15 ]

Xiao-Le Han, Toshiro Hata, Jongseong Choi, Yan-Jun Du, Yi-Jie Wang, & Ning-Jun Jiang* (2023), Deep Learning Based Approach for Automated Characterization of Large Marine Microplastic Particles, Marine Environmental Research, 183, 105829

[ J14 ]

Xiaoyu Liu, Shirley J. Dyke*, Ali Lenjani, Ilias Bilionis, Xin Zhang, & Jongseong Choi (2023), Automated Image Localization to Support Rapid Building Reconnaissance in a Large-scale Area, Computer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering, 38(1), 3-25. (IF: 11.775, JCR top 0.72%)

[ J13 ]

Ju An Park, Xiaoyu Liu, Chul Min Yeum*, Shirley J. Dyke, Max Midwinter, Chungwook Sim, Jongseong Choi, Zhiwei Chu, Thomas Hacker, & Bedrich Benes (2022), Multioutput Image Classification to Support Post-Earthquake Reconnaissance, Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities, 36(6), 04022063, (Editor’s Choice Selection)

[ J12 ]

Xiao-Le Han, Ning-Jun Jiang*, Yu-Fei Yang, Jongseong Choi, Devandra N. Singh, Yan-Jun Du, & Yi-Jie Wang (2022), Deep Learning Approach for the Detection and Instance Segmentation of Clayey Soil Desiccation Crack, Computers and Geotechnics, 146, 104733.

[ J11 ]

Jongseong Choi*, Lazaros Toumanidis, Chul Min Yeum, Patrikakis Charalampos, Ali Lenjani, Xiaoyu Liu, Panagiotis Kasnesis, Ricardo Ortiz, Nin-Jun Jiang, & Shirley J. Dyke (2022), Automated Graffiti Detection: Automated Graffiti Detection: A Novel Approach for Maintaining Historical Architectures in Community, Applied Sciences, 12(6), 2983

[ J10 ]

Jongseong Choi*, Ju An Park, Shirley J. Dyke, Chul Min Yeum, Xiaoyu Liu, Ali Lenjani, & Ilias Bilionis (2022), Similarity Learning to Enable Buliding Searches in Post-event Image Data, Computer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering, 37(2), 261-275,  (IF: 11.775, JCR top 0.72%)

[ J9 ]

Xiaoyu Liu, Shirley J. Dyke*, Chul Min Yeum, Ilias Bilionis, Ali Lenjani, & Jongseong Choi (2020), Automated Indoor Image Localization to Support Post-Event Building Assessment. Sensors, 20(6), 1610.

[ J8 ]

Jongseong Choi* & Shirley J. Dyke (2020), CrowdLIM: Crowdsourcing to Enable Lifecycle Infrastructure Management. Computers in Industry, 115, 103185.

[ J7 ]

Ali Lenjani*, Shirley J. Dyke, Ilias Bilionis, Chul Min Yeum, Kenzo Kamiya, Jongseong Choi, Xiaoyu Liu, & Arindam G. Chowdhury (2020), Towards Fully Automated Post-event Data Collection and Analysis: Pre-event and Post-event Information Fusion. Engineering Structure, 109884.

[ J6 ]

Chul Min Yeum*, Jongseong Choi, & Shirley J. Dyke. (2019), Automated Region-of-interest Localization and Classification for Vision-based Visual Assessment of Civil Infrastructure. Structural Health Monitoring, 1475921718765419.

[ J5 ]

Jongseong Choi, Chul Min Yeum*, Shirley J. Dyke, & Mohammad J. Jahanshahi (2018), Computer-aided Approach for Rapid Post-event Visual Evaluation of a Building Façade. Sensors, 18(9), 3017.

[ J4 ]

Chul Min Yeum*, Jongseong Choi, & Shirley J. Dyke (2017), Autonomous Image Localization for Visual Inspection of Civil Infrastructure. Smart Materials and Structures, 26(3), 035051.

[ J3 ]

Jeffrey A. Roux*, Jongseong Choi, & Neerad Shakya (2014), Parametric Scramjet Cycle Analysis for Nonideal Mass Flow Rate. Journal of Thermophysics and Heat Transfer, 28(1), 166-171.

[ J2 ]

Jeffrey A. Roux*, Neerad Shakya, & Jongseong Choi (2013), Scramjet: Minimum Thrust-specific Fuel Consumption with Material Limit. Journal of Thermophysics and Heat Transfer, 27(2), 367-368.

[ J1 ]

Jeffrey A. Roux*, Neerad Shakya, & Jongseong Choi (2012), Revised Parametric Ideal Scramjet Cycle Analysis. Journal of Thermophysics and Heat Transfer, 27(1), 178-183.

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